A Long History of Health Care Excellence

The Pensacola Bay Area’s expanding health care system rivals that of any major metropolitan area. Along with seven outstanding hospitals, there are numerous outpatient clinics, emergency medical facilities and wellness programs throughout the region.

The health care industry is one of the strongest sectors of employment in the Pensacola region. The industry works closely with Pensacola Junior College and the University of West Florida, which offer two- and four-year degrees in nursing, respectively. Pensacola Junior College also offers certificate programs for dental hygiene, dental assisting, radiography and sonography. The hospitals, the schools and the larger network of health care providers in the area make the medical community a vibrant, important component of the Pensacola Bay Area economy and community.

Pensacola Bay Area hospitals include Baptist Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital, West Florida Hospital, Naval Hospital Pensacola, Santa Rosa Medical Center, Baptist’s Gulf Breeze Hospital and Jay Hospital.

Each hospital has its own areas of specialization, but they all excel in a wide array of health care services.

map of pensacola hospitals

Leading Pensacola area hospitals


Among the seven local hospitals are respected leaders in neonatal care, pediatric care, oncology, in-vitro fertilization, orthopedics, and safer, less invasive approaches to heart bypass surgery.

Baptist Hospital and Sacred Heart provide emergency medical helicopter services for the area.

Leaders in Cancer Treatment

Kugelman Cancer Center
Baptist Hospital features the Kugelman Cancer Center which works with research groups to offer cancer patients cutting-edge treatments that are awaiting FDA approval.

Cancer Institute
West Florida Hospital features the Cancer Institute and Sacred Heart Hospital is an affiliate of the Gynecologic Oncology Group.

Ann Baroco Center for Breast Health
Sacred Heart’s Center for Breast Health specializes in mammography and early detection of breast cancer. Gulf Breeze also recently added a cancer care center.

All of these facilities give cancer patients a wide range of options for exceptionally good care.

World-Class Orthopedic Surgery

Andrews Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
The mission of the Andrews Institute for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Gulf Breeze is to provide the best medical care for the musculoskeletal system through Orthopedics and sports medicine, utilizing innovative clinical and surgical technologies, and to improve patient care through research and education, emphasizing prevention.

The institute is part of the Baptist Health Care System and is directed by internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, James Andrews, MD. It is comprised of several divisions including: Multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Diagnostic Imaging Center, Athletic Performance Center, a Research and Education Institute, and a multi-specialty office park for physicians.

The Andrews Institute is known worldwide for their ability to heal and rehabilitate top-level professional athletes who have suffered previously career-ending injuries.

A Focus on Women and Children

Sacred Heart Hospital is highly regarded for its women’s and children’s care facilities. Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is the regional center for children in Northwest Florida. It includes a neonatal intensive-care unit for premature and critically ill infants, a pediatric trauma center, a pediatric dialysis unit and pediatric primary-care and dental clinics. The hospital is affiliated with the Nemours Children’s Clinic.

Specialists in Brain Disease and Spinal Injury

West Florida Hospital includes special centers for geriatric care and neurosciences. It is a state-designated level-two trauma center and state-designated center for acute brain and spinal-cord injuries. West Florida also features the area’s only state-certified memory-disorder center, which provides expert care for illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Sacred Heart and West Florida, the Santa Rosa Medical Center, Gulf Breeze Hospital and Jay Hospital provide a high level of care to their local communities.

Gulf Breeze Hospital includes the Fertility Institute of Northwest Florida, which is the site of the area’s first in-vitro fertilization program. Santa Rosa Medical Center has been ranked among the top 100 orthopedic hospitals in the nation. Jay Hospital, which occupies the most rural setting of the area hospitals, offers advanced technology such as CT and MRI imaging to its local community.

Support for Navy Veterans

Naval Hospital Pensacola services more than 73,000 Department of Defense eligible family members throughout Northwest Florida and South Alabama. It recently added six new, state-of-the-art labor, delivery, recovery, and post-partum suites, with plans for four more, putting it at the forefront of Navy medicine’s family-center care initiative.

Rapid Growth in Local Services

In the rapidly growing areas of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, there has been a tremendous influx of medical service offices during the past several years. Pace, Navarre and Gulf Breeze now have many specialists including dentists, optical centers, chiropractic clinics, cosmetic surgeons and physical rehabilitation centers.

Home health care agencies are also plentiful and meet the needs of homebound residents. Adult day care and assisted living facilities are available in the Bay Area.

Alternative, Wellness and Fitness Services

In addition to medical facilities and services, there are many wellness services and programs available in the area. Natural foods, fitness programs, yoga, spas and relaxation programs and many other opportunities are available to help Pensacola Bay Area residents feel and look their best.

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